Senator Hughes Calls Philadelphia to March on Washington

Senator Hughes along with Al Sharpton and local community organizers called for Philadelphians to mobilize for a trip to Washington, DC on Sat., Jan 14th for the advancement of African Americans.
Call 215-765-6181 for more info.

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Message to the Community
from PCOL Convener, Rahim Islam

We Must Have a Renewed Hope and Faith in 2017

As we move into the new year of 2017, let’s reflect personally on 2016 what went right and what went wrong and more importantly what you plan on doing in 2017. This same exercise must be done for the Black community and if were honest with ourselves, we can do better and we must do better for the future of Black America.

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Cultural Calendar

Our Cultural Calendar lists supported and/or sponsored events throughout the year which promote and raise the level of Black pride for our children and families.

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2017: The Black Family Reunion
PCOL Initiatives

Get ready to mark your calendars! PCOL is in the community addressing issues important to African Americans. Watch for opportunities to get involved.
Black Male Engagement
Black Male Engagement
Afro-Caribbean Partnership
Afro-Caribbean Partnership
African Genesis Highlights

65 members of the African Genesis Institute will serve as youth ambassadors representing Philadelphia on their trip to Egypt.
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Kenny Gamble speaks at City Hall in Philadelphia
WATCH: Kenny Gamble at City Hall with African Genesis
Ali Salahuddin speaks at City Hall in Philadelphia
WATCH: Ali Salahuddin at City Hall with African Genesis
Rahim Islam speaks at City Hall in Philadelphia
WATCH: Rahim Islam at City Hall with African Genesis
Juneteenth Highlights

On June 18, 2016 PCOL hosted its first annual Juneteenth Celebration, commemorating the announcement of the abolition of slavery in 1865.
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WATCH: Kenny Gamble speaking at Juneteenth

WATCH: The Wreath Hanging Ceremony

WATCH: Jabari Osaze speaking at Juneteenth

Kwanzaa turns 50 this year. Are you celebrating?
Kwanzaa, the seven-day celebration that honors African-American and Pan-African culture while affirming black pride, begins Monday and runs through Jan. 1.
Kwanzaa major or minor is holiday choice for Blacks
Kwanzaa is the brainchild of Maulana Karenga, who visits Philadelphia every year to help celebrate the holiday he created in 1966.
The Blackwashing of Obama's Legacy
On the surface, his very presence in the Oval Office is an act of political revolution, an unprecedented response to this nation’s inherent anti-blackness.
17 Times Black Americans Captivated The Nation In 2016
From the powerful protests against police killings to historic moments of black excellence, here are 17 of the year’s most captivating moments that put black pride on full display.
Civil Rights Leaders Renew Call For Progress
Civil rights leaders and several Alabama and Washington college football players who talked about continuing the fight for social justice.
Using Genetic Testing to Understand the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade
23andMe will use genetic data of Africans living in the United States to better understand the personal, historical and cultural impact of the trans-Atlantic slave trade.

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