Donald Trump is America’s Hypocrisy – 10/11/2017

I’m sick and tired of the hypocrisy of many White people in this country especially when it comes down to who is a “real” American, who isn’t, and what is being patriotic. The controversy over the American Anthem and the Flag is insane and is what I call a red herring—something that is used to mislead or distract you from a relevant or important issue with another, many times unprovable or unwinnable issue. It seems that whenever Black people protest about America, they are labeled to be non-American or haters of America.


The Black NFL players that have begun to take a knee during the National Anthem aren’t trying to disrespect the military or the American people. The entire “peaceful” protest is designed to bring attention to a national dialogue of the plight and oppression of Black people in this country, specifically the killing of unarmed Black men by white police officers. Black men, even successful athletes, are targeted every day in America no matter what neighborhood they live in. Generally, the White community looks down on the conditions of the Black community that, for the most part, were created by America.

Let’s be very clear, America has had a very troubled history with regards to Black people and there has never been any reasonable response or even acknowledgement. White people must understand that every historical reference made today has, in some way, its origins in the oppression of Black people. While America has reached out all over the globe to solve the problems of other people by providing economic stimulus and aide, it has starved the Black community that has been insurmountable in the accumulating of its wealth and power–this is an absolute hypocrisy.

America has come close to acknowledging the tremendous damage and harm that they have caused to the Black community of America. It happened in 2008 when Congress passed a resolution for Americans to apologize for slavery “so they can move forward and seek reconciliation, justice, and harmony for all people of the United States.” It was passed on the day before Juneteenth, which commemorates the emancipation of slaves in 1865. However, even that resolution came with a disclaimer that this resolution in no way authorizes or supports reparations. This is the highest form of injustice, oppression and American hypocrisy.

I’m hoping that the recent events and protest of the Black players will catapult into the national debate to truly describe not only what is happening to the Black community, but how today’s conditions are a residue of yesterday–legacy of slavery. Let me use just one example–inheritance. Economist state that nearly 80% of the nation’s $200 Trillion wealth is locked down and passed down from one generation to another. This is an unbelievable and oppressing statistic that clearly speaks to the unfair and nearly insurmountable advantage that Whites have over Blacks economically. Even if America is unwilling to support making the repairs to the unbelievable and tremendous oppression that it has placed on every Black child to be born in America, by God, Blacks should, at least, have the freedom of speech under the constitution–are we not Americans?

To change the subject, many Whites Americans believe that this economic disadvantage is directly related to Black inferiority – Blacks don’t want to work as hard as whites or some disparaging and negative connotation is associated with Blacks very poor social and economic position in America. There is never a discussion on the structure of oppression, the structure on institutional racism, and the structure of a bigoted belief system that is buried in the denial of Black American pain and suffering at the hands of White Americans. In spite of slavery, Jim Crow law, KKK, and not having human and civil rights for over 400 years, Blacks progress can’t be viewed as nothing less than amazing. But for the basic math and not because of effort or attitude, it’s impossible to compete in a 100-meter race when your challenger has a 99-meter advantage— this is another form of hypocrisy.

One of the great beauties of America is our freedoms and none is greater than our free speech. It’s not like the issue the Black athletes are protesting over is some frivolous issue. The issue of the oppression of Black people, the oppression of poor people, fighting for those that are defenseless and are unable to fight for themselves is as American as it gets. This is connected to a line of civil and human rights activist that have not only helped to make America great, but made the world a better place. What would America look like without a Dr. Martin Luther King who challenged America and sacrificed his life for a better America?

It appears that when a Black man protests about legitimate injustices, he’s labeled as un-American and this is now coming from the President of United States, who has no moral authority to tell anyone what is patriotic and what isn’t. This is the same person that went to the defense of avowed White supremacist racist (KKK, Nazi) that held a reckless and violent rally in Charlottesville. This is the same man that equated these low-life degenerates with those that oppose and fight against this form of bigotry “good on both sides.” Both the KKK and Nazi’s have a history of perpetuating the cruelest and represent some of the worst forms of humanity. Donald Trump not only defended them but continues to, to this day.

What more do we need to see about Donald Trump? He’s clearly an obnoxious, dumb, stupid, race-batting, lying racist. The election of Trump is the direct result of the election of Barak Obama—it’s a White backlash for White America falling asleep, and allowing an “N word” to become president of the United States. Not only did the unthinkable happen, but Obama inherited a world and national economy that threatened us in a way that hasn’t been seen in nearly 100 years, and Obama knocked the cover off the ball. By every measurement, Obama was a huge success as President despite the largest and most destructive Republican obstruction ever.

Donald Trump is using the sacred positon, power, and influence of the “Office of the President” to unleash the demons of White supremacy never before seen. This is the same person that started the birther movement challenging the legitimacy of President Barak Obama simply because he was Black. This is the same person that stated that a Mexican judge couldn’t be fair against a White man simply because he’s Mexican or that immigrant Mexicans are murderers and rapist.

He’s an embarrassment to the entire country and what’s even more sad is that while there are so many that have openly challenged him, the Republican Party has been absolutely silent. They have capitulated in a way in that they have no spine or backbone or they too are racist as well–Trump is doing for them what they really want to see happen. Even the Republicans pundits that support Trump’s nonsense, twist themselves into a human pretzel trying to defend him, and after 30 to 40 times, they look like complete fools trying to defend the indefensible. I used to be able to hear their argument, now I just cut them off—It’s sad because there is no compensation big enough to justify their support. What’s even worst is when the Trump supporter is Black then I’m just nauseated.

Donald Trump is a God awful human being. He is a train wreck in biblical proportions and his ignorance is a badge of honor for his supporters— his so-called “base.” I now understand why Hilary Clinton called them a “basket of deplorables.” The NFL players and all good-minded Americans are on the right side of this issue and history will show this. If they have a base, our base must be bigger and stronger and we have the moral authority to succeed. I’m extremely proud of the Black athletes and encouraged by their activism despite the oppositions: the powerful NFL owners and the Office of the United States against them. Donald Trump is a bully that will one day meet his match (i.e. Russian Investigation) and is un- American.



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