Ghana 2019 – From the Slave Ship to Leadership

In 1619, an untold number of Africans were kidnapped from various villages by Europeans and held captive in West African dungeons until ultimately being loaded onto cargo ships destined for America. In late August, 1619, the English vessel, White Lion, carrying enslaved Africans, landed in Port Comfort, Virginia where the survivors of the “ship of blood” were sold into slavery- representing the beginning of the infamous Middle Passage and Maafa (African Holocaust). By 1808, ‘slavery’s official end’ 100-200 million Africans had been kidnapped, branded, illegally transported, terrorized, raped, abused, enslaved or killed.

In Genesis 15:13-14 (KJV) God speaks to Abraham saying: “And know of a surety that thy seed shall be a stranger in a land that is not theirs. And shall serve them; and they shall afflict them for four hundred years. And also that nation, whom they shall serve, will I judge: and afterward shall they come out with great substance. Over the years, we have been taught through the White Supremacist version of Christianity that this prophecy pertains to Jews in Egypt. However, as a historian specializing in Egyptian history and culture, Jabari Osaze convincingly presents in his book, 7 Little White Lies, there is no credible evidence, contemporaneous or otherwise supporting Jewish enslavement in Egypt nor is there any evidence of them exiting Egypt as described in the Bible. This prophecy is clearly referring to the descendants of the kidnapped Africans who were enslaved in North America.

On August 15-24th, 2019, exactly 400 years after the beginning of the Middle Passage, to exhibit the fulfillment of this prophecy, the power of the Creator, our ancestors and the Black community, Kenny Gamble, PCOL, African Genesis Institute and a coalition of groups from around the country are making a triumphant return to Africa-our ancestral homeland- by leading a delegation of 400 people, 1 for each year, to Ghana, West Africa. This historic 10 day pilgrimage will represent the first time in recorded history where an enslaved people-as prophesied-have freed themselves from slavery and re-enacted the territorial imperative of returning to the land of their ancestors.

Our delegation will be led by African Genesis National Elder Nana Kwa Kra Kwamina II (aka Dr. David Whitaker, Esquire) and hosted by Nana Kodwo Eduakwa V.
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Dr. Whitaker holds doctoral degrees in Educational Psychology (CWRU, 1982) and Law (CSU1982) and he has served as Tufohen (Chief Legal Advisor) since his 2004 Enstoolment in the Village of Atonkwa – located in Ghana’s Central Region, two miles from the infamous Elmina Dungeon.

Nana Kodwo Eduakwa V. is the Chief of the Village of Atonkwa, Akwamuhene of the Traditional Area of Elmina, President of the United Chiefs of Ghana (Central/Western) and a highly respected member of the House of Chiefs.

The cost of this trip is $4495 which includes the itinerary below.
To reserve a space on this historic sojourn, you must remit a nonrefundable deposit of $495 followed by monthly payments of $175 each.

Should you have any questions, please call 215-247-1545 or email


· Round trip airfare from U.S. to Ghana
· Ground transportation in air conditioned buses
· Hotel (double occupancy). Single supplement available for $950.00.
· Breakfast daily
· Welcome and Farewell dinners
· Royal Homecoming Parade and Festival
· Celebration of Marcus Garvey’s Birthday
· City Tour of Accra
· African Marketplace
· Abouri – Wood carving village
· Bonwire – Kinte Cloth weaving village
· Lunch at the Botanical Gardens
· Tour of site where 2020 Group is building homes
· Burial of “Willie Lynch” at sea
· Pre-dawn libation pouring ceremony on the banks of the Atlantic Ocean
· Placing of permanent plaques at the “Door of no Return” at Elmina and Cape Coast Slave Dungeons recognizing our return and the fulfillment of prophecy
· Workshops on:

1. Dual citizenship
2. Retirement and vacation housing
3. Real estate development
4. Business and employment opportunities